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«How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case» Robert G. Allen (investment consultant)
Seven City
Start of construction - 2017
Completion of construction - 2021
  • Starting price m2 - $2 000
  • Price m2 upon commissioning - $6 000
  • Investment term - 4 года
  • Profitability for 4 years - 300%
  • Average annual yield - 75%
BeachFront Ellie Saab
Start of construction - 2019
Completion of construction - 2022
  • Starting price m2 - $5 500
  • Price m2 upon commissioning - $13 000
  • Investment term - 3 года
  • Profitability for 3 years - 237%
  • Average annual yield - 79%
Start of construction - 2015
Completion of construction - 2019
  • Starting price m2 - $1 500
  • Price m2 upon commissioning - $6 000
  • Investment term - 4 года
  • Profitability for 4 years - 400%
  • Average annual yield - 100%
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Michelangelo Estate - is a real estate agency with a history. We're like Marvel's Avengers - when the best in the business come together for the greatest purpose. In our case, the Dubai's most profitable investment brokers combined their expertise to guarantee high-yield exits from the deals for their clients.
Analytics at the BIG 4 level (PricewaterhouseCoopers). Market vision like Berkshire Hathaway. We flutter like butterflies and sting like bees in the Dubai real estate market! It turned out a little pathetic but our results show it off.
Our focus is the best investment opportunities in Dubai. Our clients are real estate investors. Our result is the highest and secured income for them!
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